Traveler Choice hotel Awards

For 14 years TripAdvisor, the well-known search engine for hotel and B&B, make a ranking of the best establishments where spend a night. The Traveler Choice Hotel Awards this time goes to an Italian one, whose called Casa Portagioia (literally House Bringjoy) situated near Arezzo, a medieval town in the heart of Italy.

Linked to its success are the personality of the masters, Marcello Manfrini and Terry Betts who renovated an old farmhouse turning it in a fabulous bed and breakfast with 7 rooms, a swimmingpool and even a restaurant. Marcello and Terry met some years ago in London where, tired of their boring lives and jobs, decided to cooperate to create something different that could really motivate them. The English manager took care of the financial part, searching for investments that came partially from both men’s families, and tried to advertise in order to attract customers.

Marcello instead made the establishment cozy, taking care of the smallest details towards every aspects of the bed and breakfast communicate peaceful sensations. Furthermore in the restaurant are served only local products, especially when it comes to wine and oil, very valuable and exquisite.

Total relax, then, in this piece of heaven to be tested once in life.

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