The Mothers’ B&B

When something terrible happens there’s always “mum” ready to support us or give us love, both we are children as we are self-conscious adults. But what if is a mother to need help?

Founded in 1969 by Mrs. Cesaretti, the “Mother’s Safe House” is a special house for single mothers or mothers who were forced to leave their home due to history of abuse or aggression. At first sustained thanks to significant public investments, now goes nonprofit inaugurating the new “Mother’s B&B” (Real name: “Casa della Mamma“).  Part of the building situated in Rome are renovated, in fact, to offer 6 bedrooms full of comfort, like for example air conditioning, hair dryer, Wi-fi, tv, strongbox and own bath, and a large living room where have a good breakfast and enjoy the conversation whit the other hosts. Also the garden will soon become a peaceful place with benches, garden tables and thousands of flowers.

The establishment at the moment hosts six young mothers from 15 to 23 years old, four of which are already working as housekeeping or chefs. “This is an opportunity for them to learn a job and think of themselves, like independent women” says the educational coordinator Lucia Di Mauro. In the basement instead are created handcrafts that will be sold at the Christmas Markets or, on request, to the customers.

It’s an experiment that combines solidarity and will to react to sad episodes because what’s important is not to give up.

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