7 tricks to turn your B&B successful

Anyone who has got a business wants it grow; because of this it has been created a handbook.

We indicate as follows the 7 most important:

  1. Open but not intrusive

    The hotel manager must be friendly at any time to become the point person for every questions and problems of the customers.

  1. Food how passionate

    A big and healthy breakfast is the key to the customers’ hearts. It’s important to change often the products, offering not only coffee, biscuits and croissants, but also fruit, juice, ham, cheese and bread to satisfy all customers’ taste

  1. Take care of the preparation

    Tourists from all over the world will come at your door to spend a night in your house so get ready to speak a different language and try to exploit the historical and cultural heritage of your country

  1. Stay social!

    Keep share contents, photos, and video of your work getting some help by bloggers and influencers. One look of regard for the customers’ reviews.

  1. Safety in numbers

    A possibility to grow in numbers and get more publicity is to join to some associations and subscribe to search engine like TripAdvisor

  1. Don’t forget the colleagues

    Remember to make a deal with tour operator and travel agency to ensure a constant flux of visitors to your establishment

  1. Watch your wallet

    Provides discount or offers for your customers to the most important attractions of your city


And now it’s your turn. Go and shine!

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